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Combating dry winter skin - how to stop foundation from flaking?

"Why you always hear different voices on the same liquid foundation? Some highly praise it while others strongly disagree. That’s due to different skin textures and skin care routines.


Some have dry skin, when apply foundation before the dry skin is fully moisturized, the foundation is very likely to be cakey.


For those who have oily skin and also have a preference for moisturizing skincare products, the foundation would slip off quickly. Especially when the primer and sun cream are included in the routine, the foundation would have a hard time gliding onto the skin.


Nevertheless, flawless, poreless foundation look is still attainable. The makeup guru’s trick is to apply products in the right order.

To start off with, know your skin!


You need to choose according to your skin types and the makeup effect you desire. The kind of foundation that can conceal cannot deliver a bare-skin makeup effect. While some foundations are super long-wearing, oil-control and conceal all the marks and pores, they are understandably thicker and more powdery.


Providing you choose the right foundation for your skin, take some time to observe the performance. If it shows your dry skin and still gets cakey, it might caused by dehydrated skin. So after the skincare routine, apply some serum to lock the moisture, and that should stop your foundation from getting caked on.

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